Like to share our
success? Meet ORI,
our native token.

orica token ORI

The Orica token ("ORI") is the native protocol token for the ORI ecosystem.

ORI supply was pre-minted with 100 milion tokens. The token has a deflationary plan through buybacks and token burns.

Where to buy?

ORI is listed by CoinMarketCap, PancakeSwap and CoinGecko. The token can be bought at PancakeSwap with any BEP 20 token, including BNB and BUSB.

ORI Contract Address:


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Why buy
ORI now?

— Hold the native token of Orica, the key ethical challenger in the global NFT market. This market is expected to reach more than $80B value in 2025.

— See the potential in Orica’s live NFT platform: launched in Nov 21; fully audited by Certik; now collaborating with leading artists and collectors.

orica alt certik

— Join before full deployment of Orica’s upcoming INO technology. Now in beta, first user trials will be announced shortly

— Diversify into BNB-ecosystem NFTs with the company shortlisted as NFT Platform of The Year and Blockchain Project of The Year 2021.

How Orica challenges the NFT incumbents

Orica is the ethical NFT platform. We are the #1 choice for the major artists and collectors already disillusioned with low NFT ethics, lack of IP protection and unfair fees. Read our manifesto here.

Our ethical stance means that we are uniquely positioned to take the challenger market share.

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[ Articles ]

Orica launched in November 2021 to widespread industry acclaim:

[ What NFT artists are already saying ]

mellowmann orica Tokebi

“I've been jumping in on other platforms and none of them provided me the support that I was looking for. I realized I could grow with Orica’s community.”

mellowmann orica Katerina Marchenko

“I’d followed this year’s excitement about NFTs, but needed a reason bigger than ‘in it for the money’... Orica became that bigger reason”

mellowmann orica Mellowmann

“The term ‘social impact’ alone should make you jump instantly on this NFT platform!“

[ What ORI holders are saying ]

« » Ix, ORI Holder

“I bought in presale because of the excellent roadmap - INO, energy efficient, wonderful team, low fees”

« » Clay, ORI Holder

“What should new holders know? That they should do their own research, but that Orica is completely different from other NFT platforms. It's ‘Orica family’ here.”

« » Ken, ORI holder

“Ori has a promising future. The current price is low, making it a good entry point. The team interacts and updates their investors. The total supply is less than 87million which shows that the price has a long way to go.”

orica token use cases

Use Cases

ORI is Orica's community token.
Users hold ORI to:

Buy ORI on PancakeSwap
  1. 1. Participate in INO (Initial NFT Offering) Projects.
  2. 2. Vote on, and take part in community competitions.
  3. 3. Enter Orica exhibitions and artist Open Calls.
  4. 4. In addition, ORI is accepted as a currency for sales on the marketplace.


$1.875M Hard Cap
$1.5M Initial Circulating Supply
$300K Initial Market Cap
$15M Fully Diluted Market Cap
orica tokenomics
Token name Orica
Token Symbol ORI
Token Decimal 18
Token protocol Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Token Supply Plan Deflationary supply of 100M ORI
Orica Contract Address 0x3045d1A840364c3657b8Df6c6F86a4359c23472B

[ Token Sale
Information ]


Selling price

ORI sales

Expected Sales value

% of locked in token

Vesting period

For lock-up & distribution

Seed sale [Closed]


5 Million


All locked-up

To be distributed 1 month after TGE, in equal installments, across 1 year

Presale [Closed]


15 Million


10% unlocked at TGE

90% distribution over the next 6 months

Initial NFT offering (INO)


5 Million


No lock-up

[ Token Appreciation
Plan ]

To maintain the long-term value of Orica’s token supply, there is a deflationary plan in place to reduce the 100 Million Ori token supply, through buybacks and burn out, with 25% of the transaction fee revenue.

What this means is that from the 1% fee, 25% will be used to buy back Orica tokens and burn them out from circulation. By implication, 0.025% of every transaction cost will go out of circulation.

Assumed sales
volume ($)

Cost of fees @1%
transaction fee cost($)

















[ Team Token Distribution ]

2022 2023
January 0% 15%
February 0% 15%
March 0% 15%
April 0%
May 0%
June 0%
July 0%
August 0%
September 10%
October 15%
November 15%
December 15%
[ TEAM ]

1 year vesting period, distributed over 2 years, in equal installments.

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[ Advisors and
partners ]

1 year vesting period, distributed over 2 years, in equal installments.

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Questions? Ask our active and supportive Telegram Community. Remember that our team will never DM you first!