Native token with a limited supply of 100M and a deflationary plan through buybacks and token burns

$1.875M Hard Cap
1.5M ORI Initial Circulating Supply
$300K Initial Market Cap
$15M Fully Diluted Market Cap

Token split

ORI token

Token name Orica
Token Symbol ORI
Token Decimal 18
Token protocol Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Token Supply Plan Deflationary supply of 100M ORI

Token sale information


Selling price

ORI sales

Expected Sales value

% of locked in token

Vesting period

For lock-up & distribution

Seed sale Closed


5 Million


All locked-up

To be distributed 1 month after TGE, in equal installments, across 1 year

Presale Closed


15 Million


10% unlocked at TGE

90% distribution over the next 6 months

Initial NFT offering (INO)


5 Million


No lock-up

Token appreciation plan

To maintain the long-term value of Orica’s token supply, there is a deflationary plan in place to take out tiny bits of the 100 Million Ori token supply, through buybacks and burn out, with 25% of the transaction fee revenue.

Assumed sales volume

Cost of fees @1% transaction fee cost

Volume burnt
















What this means is that from the 1% fee, 25% will be used to buy back Orica tokens and burn them out from circulation. By implication, 0.025% of every transaction cost will go out of circulation.

Also, the rate of coin burning is therefore directly proportional to the rate of a transaction, this will create a tremendous surge in coin value as more market activities reduce the token supply at the same rate.

Team token distribution

2021 2022 2023
January 0% 15%
February 0% 15%
March 0% 15%
April 0%
May 0%
June 0%
July 0%
August 0%
September 0% 10%
October 0% 15%
November 0% 15%
December 0% 15%


Advisors and Partners
1 year vesting period, distributed over 2 years, in equal installments. 6 months vesting period, distributed over a year, in equal installments.

Use cases

Orica token is used for fees for all transactions on the market.
Orica is used for giveaways on the marketplace.
Used for minting fees to mint an NFT on the BSC
Orica token is accepted in sales on the marketplace
All voting and competition are done with Orica token
All INOs (initial NFT offerings) will be done with the Orica token

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