Orica Presale


Thank you for putting so much time, energy and trust into our project 🚀.
In the upcoming weeks we will reward you with many updates until then stay tuned 🔥

Every investor (including seed phase investors) has to fill out the whitelist form.


Presale ends today

Token name: ORI
Presale supply: 15M ORI
Presale price: $0.125

Every investor (including seed phase investors) has to fill out the whitelist form.

The TESLA Competition

Orica is going fast and we want you to join us on the fast lane! So we are giving away a Tesla Model 3!

  1. Tesla Model 3 *
  2. $5000 worth in ORI tokens (40.000 ORI) !!!
  3. Double your Investment (get double the amount of ORI) !!!
  4. 40 tickets will win 500 ORI !!!
How to participate:
  1. Sign up for the Orica whitelist
  2. Pledge at least $100
  3. Send the investment to our wallet
Competition rules:
Minimum investment = $100
Every $100 = 10 tickets (that means p.e. an investment of $1000 will get you 100 tickets).
Every ticket secures you a number. For 10 tickets for example #1 to #10 or #50 to #60.
The winning number will be chosen by random.
Increasing your tickets:
You can increase your tickets by completing the following tasks. Every completed task will earn you 5% more tickets
  • Join the Telegram channel Orica Announcements
  • Join the Telegram channel Orica Chat
  • Follow Orica on Twitter
  • Like and retweet the pinned post on Twitter and tag 3 friends
  • Join Orica on Discord
  • Follow Orica on Instagram
  • Follow Orica on TikTok
  • Subscribe to Oricas YouTube channel

Example: You invest $1000 and fill out the whole form accordingly.
$1000=100 Tickets
Filling out the form with all tasks=40% more tickets=40% of 100 Tickets= an additional 40 tickets
Total number of tickets=100+40=140 Tickets
The winners will be announced on our YouTube channel during a livestream where we will randomly choose the winning numbers.

* Tesla will only be given away if the hard cap is reached.

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Start The Journey

Token Distribution Plan and Progress

$1.875M Hard Cap
1.5M ORI Initial Circulating Supply
$300K Initial Market Cap
$15M Fully Diluted Market Cap


Selling price

ORI sales

Expected Sales value

% of locked in token

Vesting period

For lock-up & distribution

Seed sale



5 Million


All locked-up

To be destributed 1 month after TGE, in equal installments, across 1 year




15 Million


10% unlocked at TGE

90% distribution over the next 6 months

Initial NFT offering (INO)


5 Million


No lock-up