Artist Katerina Marchenko auctions her genesis NFTs for The Hope Collection

“Is it floating in the air? That’s the question you have to ask when viewing Russian textile artist Katerina Marchenko‘s ethereal tulle creations.”
My Modern Met

Katerina Marchenko is one of the most respected embroidery artists working today. Her work has been profiled by art-world heavy-weights like My Modern Met and Colossal. It has also attracted an international audience via the likes of Bored Panda, Vogue and Elle Decoration. Katerina’s exquisite technique and instantly recognisable style mean that she currently shares her studio process with more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram.

So it is with huge excitement that we can announce that Katerina has minted her first three NFTs, often known as an artist’s ‘genesis NFTs’, with Orica. These form part of The Hope Collection alongside the work of two other renowned embroidery artists, Brasil’s Aline Brant and Finland’s Ninni Luhtasaari.

Sales from The Hope Collection will fund the latest campaign by Hope For The Future, a charity empowering the survivors of human trafficking through safe employment.

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The fine art embroidery process – Image: Katerina Marchenko
Image: Katerina Marchenko

Elaborate embroideries inspired by Impressionism

Katerina stitches brightly coloured threads into tulle to form elaborate embroidered portraits, animals and anatomical studies. Taking her techniques from haute couture fashion, she draws her inspiration from Impressionist painting. Important influences include Claude Monet and Vicent Van Gogh.

A portrait of Natalie Portman in Marchenko’s unique style – Image: Katerina Marchenko

See Van Gogh’s brushstrokes in Katerina’s stitches

“Van Gogh’s brushstrokes seem so vivid that they create a unique medium in which the image seems to stand on its own within the frame,” Katerina explained in a recent interview with ELLE Decor. “It inspired me to transfer this unique use of shading and harmony of color to my patterns.”

As with Van Gogh’s art, Katerina’s work is riot of colour and movement when viewed from a far. It is when her audience takes a closer look that the intricacy and technical beauty of her stitching is revealed.

The artist with her portrait of inspiration Van Gogh – Image: Katerina Marchenko

Art for one hundred years from now

Katerina continues to reference movies, books, and art and is constantly pushing her chosen medium. For her first NFTs for The Hope Collection, Katerina plans to “express the theme of quarantine through a girl in mask. She can be anyone, a doctor, a nurse, an artist, an ordinary passerby. In this pandemic, we are all equal.”

One hundred years from now I hope people will write that these works were sincere, done with honesty. That I expressed my feelings, bad or good with my works, and wanted the world to be a little bit better with my art.”

Katerina Marchenko

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Katerina Marchenko’s lastest NFTs will drop with The Hope Collection in January 2022. Follow Orica or subscribe to our mailing list to be invited to upcoming previews.

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