Collector Jared Sturman on NFTs: ‘I’m hooked for the right reason’

Knit is love by theblacklab (detail) from the Jared Sturman collection

Jared Sturman started in NFTs as speculation but quickly got hooked by the art.

“As I delved deeper, I realized that I didn’t want to flip,” explains the Bay Area collector. “The most sound advice I was given was to ‘hodl’.”

Now one of the top collectors of cyberpunk and sci-fi NFTs, Jared is passionate about 1 / 1 pieces. And he recently took us on a futuristic dive into his extensive collection…

So, who is Jared Sturman?

First and foremost I am a father to a handsome toddler boy and a beautiful baby girl. I am also husband to the most caring and wonderful wife anybody could ask for. She is my rock.

Along with my brother, we own and operate a retail business in the Bay Area and also have some investments in real estate. I have been in the crypto space since 2017 which naturally led me to NFTs.

Hooked on NFTs, but for the wrong reason

If I recall correctly my first NFT was called Pizza Skull by Jon Burgerman who is a pretty famous artist in his own right. I love colors, and the color palette Jon used in Pizza Skull was right up my alley. I was instantly drawn to it.

But when I first started in the NFT space I had no idea what I was doing. My initial thought was “how can I profit off this?”. It wasn’t to just collect fine art. So, unfortunately I sold the piece to Batsoupyum. I made a decent profit off of it. Right then I was hooked, but for the wrong reason.

I now save the flipping for pfps

As I delved deeper into the NFT space, I realized that I didn’t want to flip the art I collected. I enjoyed them being in my collection far too much.

I now save the flipping for the various pfp projects I collect from. Doing so has been good because I am able to use those profits to buy more fine art.

A Night to remember by Pulkit Kudiwal from the Jared Sturman collection

Huge fan of cyberpunk and sci-fi

My favorite NFT is all of them. I could never choose a favorite as that would be a disservice to the artists I collect. It might sound corny, but they all have a special place in my heart.

I will, however, use this space to give a shout out to some of my favorite artists. I am a huge fan of cyberpunk and sci-fi and I own a lot of those type of pieces.

Currently, my favorite artists whom I have collected art from in those genres are Idil aka Jarvinart, Rob aka Neonwasteland, Pulkit Kudiwal, KafeinYagiz Kocabiyik and of course Davey Perkins.

Cybercity // Night View by kafein from the Jared Sturman collection (film detail shown)

Best NFT advice you’ve had?

I think the most sound advice I have been given would be to “hodl”. Have some patience in collecting NFTs. Don’t be in it just for the quick flip, especially when it comes to fine art.

One day that piece you bought from that unknown artist could be worth much more.

Arrival: The New Home by idil dursun from the Jared Sturman collection

At one point I had around fourteen apes

Even with some of these pfp projects it’s always a good idea to wait. I remember when Bored Ape Yacht Club first came onto the scene, I minted four of them. At one point I had around fouteen apes. Currently, I only own two.

As we all know now, bored apes are worth a lot! I should have shown more patience as opposed to trying to do those quick flips. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and the future cannot be seen or controlled. But what you can control is yourself and the patience you have with your collection.

Pigments #718 by Darien Brito from the Jared Sturman collection

Advice for a new NFT collector?

I have given a lot of advice to many people over the past year. In my opinion the most important is to collect what you love and to have fun while doing it.

You can never go wrong with buying something that you have a connection with. And that could be anything related to NFTs. Collect fine art because it makes you feel some type of way inside. Collect a cool pfp because you can identify with it or because you love the community. There are a bunch of reasons why you should collect one thing or another, find out what that reason is and go for it.

Rebellion by Yagiz Kocabiyik from the Jared Sturman collection

We’re witnessing the next evolution of internet

Why am I collecting NFTs? At first I would have said because I love the art. And that is true, but what I’ve come to realize after being in this space for almost a year is that it’s so much more.

This is the next evolution of internet and how it is used by us. We are observing a paradigm shift that will lead us into the decentralization of so many things.

This excites me and it makes me happy that myself and everyone else in the crypto/NFT space is here to witness it. 2022 should be a huge year and I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

The Sprawl by NeonWastland – (detail) from the Jared Sturman collection

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