Inside C34’s collection of over 2k NFTs: ‘Strange, surreal and personal’

“I love to focus on artwork that intrigues me before it becomes more widely known,” tweeted super-collector C34. So we at Orica jumped at the chance to learn more.

C34 has a collection of well over 2,000 NFTs over an eclectic mix of platforms. As a big supporter of emerging artists with a passionate take on collecting, we asked what makes C34 click…

Little Photographer III by Hulki Okan Tabak

So, who is C34?

I have a professional background in finance and have been involved with crypto since 2016. When I discovered the NFT space just a little bit too late in September 2020, I almost instantly bought into the immediate art prospect and the future use in other areas of physical world asset and service tokenization.

Since then I’ve kept collecting and trying to help the NFT adoption grow.

The first NFTs in your collection?

From the outset I decided to collect multiple pieces of artists that I enjoyed. So while I actually lost track of my first NFT, I started collecting Vin Dantes, Andres Lilja, David Reza and Arijanit Roci in around the first month of my starting.

Back to You by Vin Dantes

“Prior to a decision I study all the artwork by that artist that I can find”

I choose the art purely based on my own liking, but prior to a decision, I study all the artwork by that artist that I can find. Thus, I chose Vin Dantes’ women because they were artistic, Andreas Lilja’s animations because they were so interesting, David Reza’s photography because of its surreal feel and Arijianit Roci’s paintings because they were so intimate.

Avery Palmer by Kozachok

Favourite NFT in your collection?

I can’t actually name favorite foods, friends or places so it’s unlikely I can do that for NFTs. There is so much great work I admire but I will single out Kozachok’s Avery Palmer. It is a very special tribute to the surrealist painter by the great Kozachok. It is strange, surreal, personal and intimate at the same time.

Best NFT advice you received?

To buy what you like and hold on to it as long as you can. Every so often one needs liquidity so it’s hard to keep the second part of the advice, but I try to invest back when I can and grow the collection with different works.

Ylome by Arijanit Roci

Advice for new NFT collectors?

Play for the long run, research well and trust in your own judgement. In my opinion, there has not been a general crypto-art bull market yet; there is still a tremendous opportunity to buy all sorts of creations at very reasonable prices.

It’s an opportunity not to miss and this is the last round before relative maturity sets in a year or two.

2020 Vision by David Reza

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