The gblsts interview (part 2): ‘I could die with my toys, my art, and be super fulfilled’

Norms 00018@boo_deity from the gblsts collection

Tech entrepreneur, collector and curator gblsts on his instinctual NFT philosophy: “I go all in on an artist that really talks to me, really connects.”

In this second installment of our exclusive two-part interview, gblsts reveals how he’s helping NFT artists navigate the business of the industry and tells us why successful art collectors HODL.

Shifting investments to NFTs

When NFTs first came around, I said, “I’m just gonna buy whatever.” 

Then I realized the true transactional nature of NFTs. It’s a big part of why I was drawn to them. I slowly got to the point where whatever capital I was thinking of investing in physical art, I shifted into NFTs.

That’s when it got much more serious. I started analyzing the market and discovering all these different artists. For example I was very drawn to XCOPY’s work. There was a real connection, but I said, I’m not gonna chase him because every big collector is already doing it and his prices were already too high for my taste. I prefer to make my own way.

Space Glow by vuLoN_ – from the gblsts collection

Going all in on artists that “talk to me”

So I decided, instead of buying all these artists that I kinda like, I’m going to go all in on the artists who’s work really speaks to me and I deeply connect to. So I bought my first Mr.Misang one of one. Then I really started feeling it and was hooked immediately. I knew I wanted more.

Further explorations and NFT friendships

I started exploring and found huge artists like Fauves, a Costa Rican artist, and Jake Fried, from Virginia. I got Jake’s genesis NFT, which I am selling right now. I told him, if it sells, he has to get me another one of one because my collection can’t be without a Jake Fried. He was really cool about it. 

Now all these NFT artists are friends of mine, which makes all this much more worthwhile. Even though I’m a professional consultant, the NFT community and the friendships within it are the most fulfilling part for me.

Turn Off the Lights by Fauves (detail)

Helping digital artists navigate  business 

Over a year ago, I shifted my business team to Web3 and now they understand how to build contracts. It means that I can help NFT artists in a more complete sense, because artists mostly want to focus on making their art. For them to be promoters, to be technicians; this asks a lot. It’s a huge amount of change and work.

NFT collections grow through collaboration

When artists feel overwhelmed, that’s where I come in. I do the business strategy; I do the curating. For instance, I am currently working with Dax Norman, an artist I discovered in Austin. I’ve been coaching him and I curated his work.

Then I on-boarded Dax Norman to SuperRare, and we sold the first two pieces. For the first, I reserved at auction at four ETH, and we sold it for five. That was pretty amazing. And now we’re settling for seven and nine. 

The way I see it is, if I want to keep growing my collection, I have to work directly with  artists. 

NFT Advice: Don’t be a ROI collector 

The best advice I received about collecting came through my dad from an old lady. She was a huge collector from Mexico City who he’d met many years ago. She said “You don’t sell art. You collect and you keep forever”. And that’s how you get to a point where you look back and say, “wow, what a beautiful collection we’ve built”.

That’s the number one best piece of advice. Stay within your possibilities, don’t touch your collection. There are pieces that are already kind of ripe enough that you can let go. But if you start delving into being what some people call ROI (Return on Investment) collectors, I think you’ll undoubtedly mess up at some point. You have to give it time. 

reappearance by Blake Jamieson – from the gblsts collection

Happy in my grave with my collection

I could go to the grave without ever selling any of my artworks and be super fulfilled. Of course, I like money and ultimately the financial part of my collection is undeniable. But I could die with my toys, with my art, and be super happy and fulfilled. 

Favorite NFTs: ‘Raw Data’ and ‘Company Entrance’

I think Jake Fried‘s genesis, “Raw Data,” could be my  Holy Grail NFT of 2021. And that’s really saying something. I don’t know if you’ve seen “Raw Data,” but it’s incredible. That’s what an NFT should look like. Period. 

Jake Fried‘s genesis “Raw Data

Company Entrance

I also couldn’t not buy  Mr Misang’s #09, “Company Entrance.”   It is such a powerful piece, even without the audio. And the message it’s conveying touches me deeply. 

Building a Metaverse Collection Showcase on Decentraland 

I am currently developing my Decentraland plot, which I bought many months ago. The main floor will be the gallery, where I will help NFT artists with my own smart contract. Other floors will host my collection.

At the end of the day, ultimately, I want to showcase my collection. It’s kind of my curriculum and what speaks loudest for me and the artists I work with.

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Lightning and Pilly by @go_pilly (detail)- from the gblsts collection

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