Collector EBA shares Synthetic Dreams and his new NFT social life

EBA’s pfp by Tim Cantor – ring from the #888innercircle

“I have never before met so many people who love what they do” says super-collector EBA about his first year in NFTs.

EBA (aka Eager Beaver Art) entered the NFT space in March 2021, both as a tech-investor and as an art collector. His enthusiasm quickly grew, and he now curates stunning virtual spaces to show his burgeoning collection.

We first came across EBA via his twitter support for the artists he collects. His passion for NFTs is palpable so, naturally, we couldn’t wait to learn more.

Screen shot from EBA’s vitual gallery for his Synthetic Dreams collection by Refik Anadol

So, who is EBA?

I’m EBA, a digital art collector from Europe. I’m trying to stay anon mainly since I don’t want this to be about me but rather the art.

In my other life I’m CEO of a small tech startup and I’m an early crypto investor.

The theme is ‘buying what I like’

In March 2021 I bought my first NFT. It was “The Niro” by Gus Trips, a digital artist based in Argentina.

I’d invested in the Terra Virtua platform so had looked into the NFTs available on it. There wasn’t that much art on there at this time but I liked the piece so I bought it. I still stick mainly with the theme of buying what I like!

My profile pic is from an NFT called “Firefly” by Tim Cantor, who also had an NFT sale on Terra Virtua. The ring around it is from 888’s #888innercircle community, which I’m part of. 

Sharing synthetic dreams

It’s now really hard to choose my favorite NFT from my collection. However, I have collected several pieces by Refik Anadol, a media artist and pioneer in the aesthetics of machine intelligence. Refik currently works out of Los Angeles on trailblazing approaches to data narratives and artificial intelligence. His recently released collection called Synthetic Dreams – Landscapes is awesome.

Synthetic Dreams are Refik’s “Quantum AI Data Paintings” which are generated using quantum bit strings from Google Quantum AI together with machine learning algorithms. The data collection consists of 200 million raw images of landscapes around the world, including all the national parks in the US.

The NFTs come with a signed print for which the data/snapshot will be created in mid-January of this year. I can’t wait to put these up on my IRL walls.

So I’ll pick one of my Synthetic Dreams to share here.

The Greatest NFT Artist You’ve Never Heard Of

I also like to collect and support smaller artists. For example I bought from Vintage Mozart when he was still quite small. Vintage bills himself as ‘The Greatest Artist You’ve Never Heard Of’. His collection “A Monochrome Moment” is really beautiful.

My favorite piece there is called “Bloo Magic”.

Advice for a new NFT collector?

Thinking about it I never really received advice from others. I always did my own thing. Bought what I liked and enjoyed the art.

So my advice would be ‘don’t chase the hype’. There are a lot of people in this space who try to get rich quick. Some do indeed but most don’t.

GREY MATTER: S1-06 (#FF8E71) by ytopp– from the EBA collection

On surviving the NFT survivorship bias

There is a lot of survivorship bias in NFTs: you only read about the ones who make it and it sounds super easy. However, in reality, there are way more people who are losing money by chasing the next hype.

Instead, enjoy the art and join the communities.

If you are in a vibrant community early that’s where the value will be. Nearly all the bigger artists now have their own communities with a discord server.

Spectrum #21/30 by Raf Grassetti – from the EBA collection

The best part is the connections

I just want to add that I’m grateful for the whole NFT space. It’s a great way for artists to get exposure and earn what they deserve. It’s also a great way to break up the art market and include more people, artists as well as collectors.

But for me, the best part is all the connections I’ve made in this year. That’s quite ironic given the pandemic restricted a lot of social life! I’ve never before met so many new people who are open and love what they are doing.

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