The cypheristikal interview: ‘I moonlight as a pixel collector by night’

“The fact is that we are all just explorers of a brand new paradigm shift,” says cypheristikal on his heroic approach to collecting. “Find something you truly connect with.”

Collector cypheristikal is an NFT superhero. By day he runs a family-owned small business. By night, in his own words, he ‘moonlights as a pixel collector’, building his extensive collections across several platforms. His objkt collection alone runs to forty-seven pages.

So we were thrilled to ask cypheristikal about his nighttime NFT adventures, the art that moves him, and how he stops burn out in this ‘million miles a second’ new world.

DREAMLAND by iannocent – from cypheristikal’s collection

So, who is cypheristikal?

I’m a full-time girl-dad to a beautiful and hilarious two year-old who is my raison d’être. I’m husband to an incredible wife, without whom I could not fathom being a fully functioning adult/parent. 

My professional career, ironically, couldn’t be any further removed from the crypto world.  I run a brick-and-mortar small business while moonlighting as a pixel collector by night. (And, let’s be honest, by day too.)  

From NBA Top Shots to down the NFT rabbit hole

I actually found out about NFTs like probably many others who got into the space earlier this year.  It was when NBA Top Shots was blowing up in the media and, being a big NBA fan, I was totally blown away by the concept of being able to own a collectible on the blockchain. It would basically live on forever without having to worry about the physical degradation or costs of preservation and storage. 

Of course, at that time there was an absurdly long waiting list of people who were trying to get in on the Top Shots hype and since I had previously collected some physical Street Art and Pop Art throughout the years, I naturally went down the rabbit hole of art NFTs – which led me to Nifty Gateway. 

YOLOing into ‘Hey Alexa’

Nifty Gateway were undoubtedly the biggest platform at the time, with millions of dollars in transaction volume per day. They also had easy onboarding for ‘normies’ like me since they accepted fiat.  So I decided to YOLO into the first mint that caught my eye, which I believe was ‘Hey Alexa, tell everyone to go fuck themselves’ by DotPigeon.

Hey Alexa, tell everyone to go fuck themselves by DotPigeon

cypheristikal’s favourite NFT?

Are people actually able to answer this question? Haha.  That’s like asking someone which part of their soul they connect with more or an emotion they prioritize over others. 

Each piece I’ve collected across platforms and blockchains holds a special place along the journey for me as a collector in the NFT space.  Most importantly, the relationships I’ve built with artists and collectors in the community is truly something special that can’t be quantified.

Love vs Fear by siontheartist – from cypheristikal’s collection

‘I’ve definitely had moments of feeling like an outsider’

An NFT I personally identify with is one I recently acquired. It’s called ‘What Do I Do?‘ by a Korean-Australian artist who goes by the name bluugu

A theme bluugu has been exploring in his art is the struggle of acceptance into a society that isn’t natively your own.  Being a second-generation Asian American growing up with immigrant parents, I’ve definitely had moments throughout my life where I felt like an outsider trying to figure out where I fit in among my peers. 

I love that bluugu’s works on the surface look very bright and almost cartoonish yet the theme that’s being communicated beneath the surface is something I believe many of us can relate to.

What Do I Do ? by bluugu

Best NFT advice? ‘Fade The Herd’ to stop burn out

The best advice I’ve been given about NFTs is to “fade the herd”. The NFT space moves a million miles a second and everybody feels like they need to be tuned in 24/7 out of fear that they’ll miss the next potential project that will moon. That mentality leads many in the community to feel rightfully burnt out.

The fact is that we are all just explorers of a brand new paradigm shift in cultural and societal infrastructures, and nobody really knows what will happen even a month from now.  It’s easy to get lost in the FOMO mentality and worry about what projects you could’ve been a part of in the never-ending chase of gains. 

But, ultimately, we are all here because we believe in a decentralized future and we are willing to dedicate each day towards building that future.

THE ALKONOST by bebewahyu – from cypheristikal’s collection

The advice I’d give to a new NFT collector? Truly connect

I’d advise everyone to find something they truly connect with. That could be a collectibles project, 1/1 art, or generative art collection.  The best way to learn about the space is to find a community that shares your common values and interests and dive as deep as possible into the rabbit hole. 

The great thing about the NFT space is that there is literally a community for almost any type of collector you can think of.  The only way to ensure longevity in the space is to be authentic to yourself and immerse yourself into a community of like-minded peers with whom you can share your experiences – good and bad.

TOM YUMMMY by rubahitam

NFTs are opening up a universe of opportunity

Something I’ve noticed about my collection when taking a step back is that I have subconsciously developed an affinity towards the works of Southeast-Asian artists, specifically those from Thailand and Indonesia.  It’s a constant reminder of how the world of NFTs has immediately unlocked so much latent opportunity for artists and creatives from all over the world, but specifically from countries with underdeveloped social and economic infrastructures. 

I’ve had more than a few artists come to me to express how NFTs have quite literally changed their lives and the lives of their families. Crypto and blockchain technology have opened up a universe of opportunity and given them an accessible platform to showcase their creative talents to the world.  It really puts things in perspective of how monumental this culture shift is shaping up to be.  

Vive la révolution!

 – cypheristikal

The Mask #2 by Musketon – cypheristikal’s pfp

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