SHOWCASE Metaverse Art // Event 2: Thil Blu Sound Installation & NFT Hunt

Join us for SHOWCASE, a new metaverse art exhibition and series of interactive events. It’s time to recharge yourself, get inspired, win prizes and experience epic art. 


In EVENT 2 of our SHOWCASE series you’ll experience an immersive sound installation by Peruvian artist Thil Blu. Hear his ambient tracks fill our Decentraland gallery as you explore four floors of original art. This unmissable installation will be in place only for the weekend of 21-22 May.

Jayr Vento a.k.a Thil Blu is a Peruvian artist, musician and dj in electronic music exploration. For two years he had his own space within the prestigious Argentinian radio station Golden Wings. Blu left the station to focus on sound experimentation with electronic hardware – the world where he finds his inspiration. Blu’s music has been published by labels and festival compilations in Perú and Spain. This is the first installation of his work in a metaverse space.

Alongside Blu’s work you’ll see art by 21 other leading artists. These include Another Sigma (@nftanothersigma), Angie Mathot (@PtiteAngele) and Rukmunal Hakim (@RukmunalHakim).

Claim your NFT Hunt Prize

Peruvian Electronic musician and artist Thil Blu

The Thil Blu NFT Hunt // Bronze Pass Prizes!

Experience the installation and win prizes in The Thil Blu NFT Hunt!

1. Explore the gallery to find the visual NFT artwork by Thil Blu hanging on our wall. Tip: it’s there under the artist’s real name!

2. Take a selfie of your avatar in front of the Thil Blu artwork.

3. Tweet your selfie tagging @orica_io with a few words on how Thil Blu’s sounds make you feel

4. Add your details to the form below to claim your prize!


All complete entries will receive an Orica Bronze Pass NFT. These collectable NFTs give you special event invitations. Collect 5 for an Orica Silver Pass to VIP access & whitelists.

Ten entries will also be chosen at random to receive a Thil Blu NFT goodie bag!
Prizewinners will be announced via Twitter on Monday 23rd May. Follow @orica_io for updates.
Good luck and enjoy!

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