Artvision on her top NFT advice and dropping Ukranian Easter Eggs


“Having an account on Twitter is essential,” says Artvision when asked for her best NFT advice.

The Ukranian artist-collector is fresh from witnessing her own meteoric rise in the twittersphere. Since opening her account in August last year, Artvision has seen her followers snowball to more than 54k. She now consistently shares more than 2,000 tweets a week about the art she admires, as well as dropping her own NFT collections across the major platforms.

We recently caught Artvision between tweets to talk about her favourite acquisitions and the top advice she gives to new collectors…

Excede by Midnightartso – from the Artvision collection

So, who is Artvision?

I’m Anna (Artvision), I’m Ukranian and I’m an NFT artist and collector.

I’ve loved arts and photography since I was a kid, so NFTs gave me a way to get rewarded for the things I love to make. I soon started collecting the work of other artists.

The Architect by Arkham Adventures – from the Artvision collection

It started with an NFT goldfish

The first NFT I ever bought was a goldfish. It was made by my friend and artist Zoey Nash, aka @HauntedDoge, who has since gone on to launch the Ghoul Nation collection on Opensea. I chose the goldfish not for future profit, but to thank @HauntedDoge for supporting me in my first steps with NFTs.

Since buying that goldfish just four months ago, I have bought more than 50 NFTs from different creators and collections.

Pet Fish #11 by HauntedDoge – from the Artvision collection

Dropping Ukrainian Easter Eggs

As an NFT creator, right now I’m excited about my new Pysanky collection. The collection is made with pieces that represent Ukrainian ‘pysanky’. A pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist method.

The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, “to write” or “to inscribe”, as the designs are not painted on, but written (inscribed) with beeswax.

Dragon shelter by Marta Rus

Collect all the information possible

From the side of a NFT collector, the best advice relates to identifying value in collections, as well as identifying fake NFT creators or collections.

My advice is to carefully browse every collection and to collect all the information possible before buying anything. Also, having an account on Twitter is essential if you want to find new NFT creators.

Radiographic by Mowgli’s Mind

Checks to make as a new NFT collector

These are some of the key checks I make as a NFT collector before I collect an new NFT:

  • Identify the creators of the collection by looking on social networks, such as twitter, facebook, and linkedin. Make sure the creators are legitimate, as well as their followers.
  • Look at the volume traded in the collection. Unless the collection is new, you must observe certain activity with sales being made quite often. If there are sales, it means there are others interested in the collection.
  • Road-map is not a guarantee for a collection to succeed, but it can give you an idea of what the creators are planning for the future of the collection. Read it carefully and contact the creators if you have any questions.
Space Creature by CreativeMess – in the Artvision collection

Tips for collecting NFTs to flip

Rising floor price is an important aspect if you would like to buy some NFT pieces to ‘flip’ (sell later with some profit). In this case, the earlier you buy a piece, the higher the profit will be.

Collections by new NFT creators can be a great opportunity if you identify them early. Again, it’s essential to be on twiter to find these new creators.

If the collection you are looking for is of collectibles, then look for the rarity of the pieces in the collection. Some rare pieces can have higher price but you also can make higher profit if you hold them for a while before to sell.

PurpleBlue by electrocomfort.tez – from the Artvision collection

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