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The gblsts interview (part 2): ‘I could die with my toys, my art, and be super fulfilled’

gblsts II

In this second of our two-part interview, collector gblsts on succesfully navigating the NFT industry.

The gblsts interview (part 1): From Basquiats in his bedroom to Mr. Misang


In this exclusive two-part interview, collector gblsts explains why NFTs have set the art world on fire.

‘Collecting is in my DNA’: Interview with NFT story-seeker OMZ


Why story is everything for this leading tech entrepreneur, writer and collector. Featuring new Josie acquisition.

Artvision on her top NFT advice and dropping Ukranian Easter Eggs


Following a meteoric twitter rise, this Ukranian artist-collector shares her essential NFT advice.

Collector EBA shares Synthetic Dreams and his new NFT social life


The European collector-investor on his passion for Refik Anadol and supporting smaller NFT artists.

Collector Jared Sturman on NFTs: ‘I’m hooked for the right reason’

Jared Sturman

The prolific Bay Area collector talks cyberpunk, BAYC and why he now saves flipping for pfps.

Artist Mattia Cuttini on NFT collecting: ‘I reinvested 80% of everything I sold’

Mattia Cuttini

This artist-technologist-collector is bridging the analogue and the digital. And he’s taking a new generation of NFT artists with him.

His twitter profile is a wish-list for your daughter’s coolest date: Meet NFT collector Nohbhodi


From XCOPY to psychedelia, Nohbhodi’s NFT collection has a surfer-degen aesthetic we couldn’t wait to explore.

King of Midtown talks collecting: ‘There needs to be a merger of the two art worlds’

King of Midtown

The Crypt Gallery founder on the modern day Renaissance, Bitcoin Angels and merging worlds.

The cypheristikal interview: ‘I moonlight as a pixel collector by night’


‘Superhero’ collector cypheristikal on going down the NFT rabbit hole.

Orica is an Art Movement
for economic change

  1. 1. NFTs give artists the power to make profound cultural and social impact. We believe that we have the responsibility to use that power for good.
  2. 2. We believe that NFT platforms must be ethical funding platforms. That we can accelerate global wealth equality through meaningful digital assets.
  3. 3. We believe in curating important art and connecting with engaged, conscious collectors. And as our NFTs gain recognition, we believe in contributing to world development through royalties and sales.

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Orica's mission is to accelerate global wealth equality through digital assets.

For us, `ETHICS` mean:

Achieving economic and geographic diversity on our platform

Supporting the global organisations making social change

Verifying all our artists as true IP owner-creators

Choosing accessible technology with minimal environmental impact

Guaranteeing transparent pricing and fairer fees

Gifting all our artists tokens to share the platform's success.

[ BLOG ]
Art x Activism

Art x Activism
[ BLOG ]


SHOWCASE Metaverse Art // Event 2: Thil Blu Sound Installation & NFT Hunt

Experience an immersive sound installation by Peruvian artist Thil Blu, now in Orica’s Decentraland gallery.

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Orica talks NFTs at The FT Crypto Summit, London

Orica’s Bay Backner invited to the same line up as Binance founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) and Ethereum’s Charles Hoskinson.

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Get the REFUGE Exhibition Guide & Gift NFT

Your guide to REFUGE, the metaverse art event for Ukraine. Opening in Orica Gallery, Decentraland – 31.3.22 until 30.4.22.

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REFUGE: The Metaverse Art Event for Ukraine

Join us for this high-profile NFT fundraiser, opening in Orica Gallery, Decentraland 31st March 2022.

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Artist Katerina Marchenko auctions her genesis NFTs for The Hope Collection

Collect renowned embroidery artist Katerina Marchenko and support Hope For The Future

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